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Reduce Office Waste, Increase Revenue

No matter the size of your business, if you’re a start up or Coca Cola, you want to increase revenue. Where money isn’t the be all, end all to success, money fuels future endeavors, the lifeblood of a companies viability. Sure, this may be the year of your multi-million dollar idea, but in the meantime, here are some practical ways a business can save money by reducing waste.
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Tire Disposal: Where the Rubber Meets the Reuse

The wheel is a marvel of human ingenuity, and the tire is no slouch either. We all own tires; a couple on a bike, four on a car, or maybe a half dozen plus if you drive a massive lorry. Tires are abundant, and we’ll go through several pair in our lives, so why don’t we know what to do with this resource? We know what to do with aluminum cans, old television sets, and used clothing, so what about tires? You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers, and the abundance of tire puns to prove it. Continue reading

5 Tips to Save Energy

save energy tips

source: Wikipedia ; Public Domain License

Making an effort to save energy has many benefits. When you make a point to save energy in your home, you are part of a larger effort to not only preserve our natural resources and keep the cost of utilities down, but you contribute to the overall well being of our environment. Where the upside to saving energy is tremendous, it takes a minimal effort on your behalf. With these five simple tips you can save energy and make it look easy. Continue reading

Recycling Gift for St. Valentine – Paper Hearts

Valentine’s Day is a most romantic time of year. Pink and white decorations abound, stuffed bears stare down from the market shelves, and chocolates of every shape and size come in heart shaped boxes. Love is magic, but let’s face it, love is expensive, and to be honest, love seems to come with an awful lot of packaging waste. This St. Valentine’s Day, why not try a new approach? Love your special someone, love your wallet, and love your planet; recycle Valentines Day. Continue reading

Rubbish That Can Damage Your Garden


source: Pixabay ; Public Domain License

Who has more renowned gardens than England? There are not just English gardens, but English maze gardens. It’s a long standing tradition and an integral piece of the culture. Whether you’re in a flat or in a house or on a farm, the odds are very high you have a garden of some variety or another. With all the care taken to protect our gardens, there is one culprit you might not think of. Sure, the folks at Pest Exterminators have eliminated the creepy crawlies, but there is an invisible threat to the garden; your household rubbish. Continue reading

Recycling In Colour

As we get better at recycling, the process get more involved. Not more complex, but there are more options to recycle the right way. In the beginning, one could simply separate their bottles and cans from the regular rubbish, put it in one clearly marked bin, and count it a good deed done. Now, as recycling methods have been refined, there are better techniques in place. The success of these techniques begins with you. Next time you take the rubbish out and see multiple colour coded recycling bins, don’t fret. We’ve got the tips you need to make sure you’re recyclable rubbish goes to the right place. Continue reading

4 Ways to Reuse Jars and Bottles

Bottles and Cans and Just Clap Your Hands

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How to Organize Waste in Your Kitchen

Many things go on in the kitchen. Food is stored, tea is made, meals are prepared, and an enormous number of specialized items are designed just for the kitchen. The kitchen is a special place with a very special function, and as such, the kitchen yields an equivalent amount of waste. With a few simple techniques you can reorganize, repurpose, and reuse your kitchen waste in order to benefit your home and community alike. Continue reading

Giving the Gift of Green – What to Buy to an Eco Friend

plant gift

source: Pixabay ; Public Domain License

We all have friends, and we all have different types of friends. There is the quiet type and the loud one. There is the workaholic and the…ahem…underachiever. There is the mate who is mad for sport, and the mate who catches every obscure foreign film down at the cinema. It takes all kinds, and this wide spectrum of friends makes life colorful. One color in this rainbow of friends is green, and more and more of us have an eco-conscious pal in the mix. The rest are easy to please, but what gift do you get for your friend who has gone green? Continue reading

How homeless people save the Earth [Infographic]

Do you look the other way when you see a homeless person pushing a shopping cart filled with empty plastic and glass bottles and aluminium cans? It’s in our nature to solve a problem by avoiding it. But have you ever thought about how much these people help protect the planet we all share?! As homeless people live of collecting recyclable waste, they help protect the environment. Learn more on the subject from the picture below, and think what you can do to help save planet Earth. Continue reading