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5 Tips to Save Energy

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Making an effort to save energy has many benefits. When you make a point to save energy in your home, you are part of a larger effort to not only preserve our natural resources and keep the cost of utilities down, but you contribute to the overall well being of our environment. Where the upside to saving energy is tremendous, it takes a minimal effort on your behalf. With these five simple tips you can save energy and make it look easy.
1. Flip the Switch – Turn off all the lights? Sure, that’s a given, but we have a lot more gadgets and gizmos than the first generation to go electric. Between coffee makes, wireless routers, and cellphone chargers, it’s quite the laundry list of electricity devouring luxuries. So, next time you’re headed out the door and turning off all the lights, think about some of the other electronics you can shut off. If you’re not using it, no matter how small the amount of energy used, turn it off.

2. Walk, Don’t Run – Where this is also the name of a surf rock classic by the Ventures, it’s also a call to a simpler, healthier way to get around. We live in a car culture, but you can find another option than driving. Cars require an outrageous amount of energy to get one person one place. Between the bus, the tube, bicycles, and our own two feet, there are plenty of ways to get from Point A to Point B.

3. Water Works

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You make tea, you do dishes, you water the plants, and then have more tea. In this typical day you’ve used liter upon liter of water. The earth is mostly water, our bodies are mostly water, so you can see the obvious need to limit the ways we use the precious resource.

4. Open Windows, Under Cover – It gets hot and it gets cold, but before you reach for the heater or air conditioner, see if you can keep cool or warm another way. In the winter nothing beats a blanket and a hot toddy.In the summer, nothing beats a cool breeze flowing through the house. Either way, you save energy while doing it.

5. Recycle – The more we recycle, the less resources we expend making everything new. If you have large items you don’t know what to do with, call Rubbish Please. Rubbish Please will pick up even your trickiest items and ensure they are recycled or disposed of in the earth friendliest way. Reduce and reuse while your at it!
Save money, save the environment, and save energy. Sometimes the small things make the biggest difference, and when it comes to saving power, you’ve got the power!

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