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10 Ways Aluminum Cans Can Be Recycled

One of the most common bits of rubbish at home at work at school and at play is the aluminum can. Whether you are polishing off a frosty brew or quenching your thirst with a can of lemonade, we all go through plenty of aluminum cans.

Aluminum, one of those modern marvels good for beverage storage and home siding, is highly recyclable. And you know we love highly recyclable. Proper disposal of your aluminum cans is as simple as pitching it into the recycling bin, but if you demand more of your aluminum, we have the perfect projects for you!

1. Spruce up the garden with a soda pop can. Remove the top, use the base of the can as the center of the flower, cut the rest of the can into strips, and paint to your taste. It’s a lovely flower always in bloom

2. Make a fun bracelet with strips of aluminum cans. Make sure the edges are smooth, punch holes in the ends of the strip, add some ribbon to tie it closed, and you have a great new accessory.

3. In need of a coaster? Cut the top from a can, cut the rest into strips (a common theme) and weave them around the edges of the can. A perfect can sized coaster with a sunburst edge.

4. Keep your garden organized with aluminum cans. Cut the cans into small signs, emboss them with what you have growing in the garden, and put them in their respective spots. You’ll never have to guess again!

5. Cans don’t get all the fun! With your pull tabs, you can glue them together in layers over a flexible band and make a cool bracelet

6. Or a purse, or art, or a lamp! The internet is full of riches.

7. With a larger aluminum can, you can punch out a pattern, insert a light bulb or candle, and you have a neat lighting accessory.

8. Cut two same sized squares from a visually interesting part of a can, add hooks, and new earrings.

9. Remove the lid from a can, coat in adhesive, and wrap it in cool paper. You’ve got a homemade pencil holder.

10. And as malleable as aluminum is, there is no end to the sculptures you can build. If you want a pirate ship, a bi-plane, or modern art, the only limit is your imagination.

This is only the beginning of what you can do with your old aluminum cans. Here at Rubbish Please, we can haul it away and recycle it the right way. You have the chance to be artist, jewelry maker, and home decor genius. Rubbish Please will take your cans, but remember, rubbish is simply a state of mind.

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