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The 10 Commandments of Recycling

Recycling is important. Is it as important as the stone tablets Moses came down from the mountains with centuries ago? Not hardly, but Moses set a precedent that day; people love lists. Ten is a nice even number and sometimes a good list is the best way to take a mass of information and whittle it down to a more manageable size. Recycling is a prime candidate, and with these pieces of information, you’ll be a recycling guru before you can count to 10.

The 10 Commandments of Recycling

1. Thou shalt research – Always make sure what you’re taking out to the recycling bin is recyclable.

2. Thou shalt get a bin – Most folks have their outdoor bins provided by the council, but in your home stay ahead of the curve with a couple of extra bins for recyclables.

3. Thou shalt rinse – Take a moment to quickly rinse your cans and bottle and plastic containers. Food stuffs can’t be recycled and it makes for less mess.

4. Thou shalt separate – Make sure you recyclables are divided into their respective bins. It’s easier to process that way.

5. Thou shalt crush – Flatten your aluminum cans to make more space for others recyclables.

6. Thou shalt cut – Make sure you’re cutting plastic six pack can rings. Ideal for recycling, but better for all the sweet little animals out there.

7. Thou shalt break down – Tear apart your boxes, they’ll be easier to manage for you and the recycling plant alike.

8. Thou shalt be diligent – Even when you’re away form home, take the time to find a recycling bin. Whether in the streets or at the office, there are plenty of ways to rid yourself of rubbish and still stay green.

9. Thou shalt upcycle – The highest form of recycling. Before it goes in the bin, think first if there is a way for you to reuse this item. Whether for decorations or storage or in the garden, the options are limitless.

10. Thou shalt call a professional – Any other occasion when you have large items or more rubbish than you know what to do with, call a professional. There are a number of reputable companies to choose from and experts like Rubbish Please can ensure your rubbish gets the best chance at being recycled. Rubbish Please and others can ensure that even when you can’t do the job, it will still be done the right way.

Going green is just that simple. These are ten easy rules to aid you on your noble endeavor, but no matter what method you use to remember, save the waste, save the planet, and always recycle.


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